XYLØ is an indie brother-sister duo comprising Chase and Paige Duddy coming from Los Angeles. Their sound combines emotive, magnetic vocals with a blend of indie rock, electronica, and dirty hip-hop beats. They have recently put out their debut EP America which brilliantly showcases the best of this talented pair.

XYLØ’s emotional anthem, “Afterlife”, has been streamed over one hundred thousand times on Spotify and over one million times on SoundCloud. The track tugs at heartstrings with its plaintive melody, touching lyrics, and Paige’s soulful vocals: “I, I am waiting for the afterlife / To show me a good time, baby / Somebody save me, I just wanna be loved”.

We’ve got a darker version of “Afterlife” from Tim Gunter, a Texas-based EDM/hip-hop producer, DJ, and multi-instrumentalist. Injecting shining electronic blasts, heavy drums, and future bass notes, he surrounds the track with a melancholy vibe.