Daft Punk is a Parisian electronic music duo who made important contribution to the late '90s house movement in France. Their music is a unique blend of first-wave acid house and techno with synthpop, indie rock, funk, and hip-hop.

The 2013 LP Random Access Memories became one of the Daft Punk’s huge successes, winning Grammy Awards for Best Dance/Electronica Album, Album of the Year, and Best Engineered Album, Non-Classical.

“Doin’ It Right” is an electronic piece on Random Access Memories, considered the best one out of the entire album. The track features a steady drum beat, the vocal loop, a few stray tones, and ringing vocals.

An upcoming artist wearing a mysterious name k?d managed to breathe a new life into the Daft Punk’s classic. Picking to remix “Doin’ It Right”, he piles it up with a bunch of synths, rich swells, and shimmering chords. This tune crosses over many sub-genres of electronic music such as future bass, glitch hop, dubstep, trap, and funk. The robotic-sounding vocals are perfectly chopped up and inserted into the instrumental. That’s definitely something you have to experience!