Daft Punk's latest single, "Lose Yourself to Dance" is an infectious disco track that will have your feet moving and groovin as soon as the beat drops. The French duo created a memorable summer hit with Get Lucky, and now they are hoping to strike twice with their latest single. They even enlisted in the help of Pharell to spicen up the track. The catchy chorus is reminiscent of Michael Jackson's funky years, blended with a Robin Thicke Falsetto.

So how can you make a Daft Punk song any better? You really can't, but you can switch it up and add your own unique flavor, which is exactly what DJ Rom1 did. He added some extra drums and his own buildups.

Mac Stanton also jumped on the remix and created a a flavorful texture of funky grooves. He added a colorful bassline with robotic samples drizzled throughout the track.

For more of Mac Stanton follow him on his twitter  @sofrenchrecords and also his Facebook. For more of Rom1 stop by his Soundcloud.