14 amazing club worthy dance tracks will grace your ears today! These tracks range from House edits, to hip hop, to moombahton. You will not be disappointed, and your butt will definitely not stop twerking.

Some of the highlights include the Clarity remix vs. house smasher "Stinger!" The energy this mashup brings is surreal. Twerk edits are becoming far more popular these days thanks to Miss Cyrus, and as a DJ you cannot do without some of the useful tracks in this pack. The 97-110 transition of bubble butt into some ridiculous energetic moombahton will keep your crowd satisfied. Play this mix early in the night and the crowd will be hyped. Save the World get's reworked with some nasty synths to keep it refreshing, blurred lines is given a surprise house drop, A Michael Jackson song is given the deep house treatment, the popular "Radioactive" is given a "Mammoth" size reboot, two of the biggest songs "Alive" and "Suckaz" come together for a primetime edit, Avicii, Hardwell, and Martin Garrix oh my!

Courtesy of Alex Dreamz - JD Live - Dennis Blaze - DJ Fabian

On top of that I threw in my remix to Diplo's "Booty Drop." If you guys like what I did to this track download it for free on my soundcloud, like my facebook, and follow me on twitter!

One final shoutout to Clubkillers.com, the hottest record pool for DJs!!