We've previously posted DJ Amha's killer remixes before, so once he dropped this energetic dance mix we knew we had to post it.

As a young boy DJ Amha always had a passion for many different genres of music, and after being introduced to production software in high school DJ Amha was soon making hip hop beats as a hobby. While on a trip to the Netherlands in a nightclub in Rotterdam, DJ Amha was introduced to a sub genre of house music labeled Dirty Dutch. The roaring bass, the funky horns, and the intense atmosphere of the music inspired Amha to bring that energy back to his home town of Raleigh North Carolina and begin his career as a DJ.

DJ Amha has now played in clubs and venues all throughout North Carolina and Virginia, accumulating a passionate following. For more on DJ Amha, be sure to follow him on twitter at @djamha and check out his Facebook page.