DJ Trayze made his first mixtape in 10th grade, bringing his turntables and mixer to school almost every other day to spin on-air at his school's radio station. Trayze worked his way into guest spots at some of the hottest clubs in the city by 2006. Gaining popularity, he was eventually spinning flashy parties and events for local celebs and corporations like Verizon and American Express. These regional gigs kept growing further and now include an impressive and diverse array of accomplishments, including an inaugural ball for President Obama, a Twilight Saga Movie Premier, and getting a sponsorship from Adidas.

Trayze has now toured the Middle East, Asia, The Caribbean, and all over the US, performing live at every type of party from gritty concert after-parties to the elite nightlife scene. For more on DJ Trayze, follow him on twitter @djtrayze and check out his website!