DJ Mustard is an American record producer, songwriter and DJ from the USA, who entered the world of mainstream music in 2011. Since then he’s been DJing and making beats for a number of popular performers. He is famous for producing a string of hit singles, which ranked high in US charts. His tracks are club-oriented and he is considered to be the author of "ratchet music" style. Mustard's debut album 10 Summers was released in 2014.

The single Whole Lotta Lovin’ featuring rapper Travis Scott tells the story of a man hooked on music and sex. He is living his life to the full, searching for fame and pleasures. The upbeat melody of the single helps to cheer up everybody who’s in low spirits: “Are you down? Are you down? Are you down? Finally I can move how I wanted…”

Remix by Le Boeuf.