The HIM, a music production duo coming from Amsterdam, became a full-time project after winning a 2nd place from over 3,500 submissions in a Tiesto Remix Contest on Beatport. Their music is an experimental crossover between indie, deep house, nu disco, and pop. Going for mellow, enchanting and uplifting vibes, these guys know how to put you in good spirits.

The HIM have made several official remixes and released their own singles. Their 2014 single Skinny Dipping debuted the 4th on the NetherlandsiTunes charts. This year the HIM have released a new one called Feels Like Home.

The duo have dropped a house rendition of Rebecca & Fiona’s “Drugstore Lovin’”. Rebecca & Fiona is a Swedish duo from who always keep the crowd excited with their groundbreaking hits, radiant looks, and magnetic choreography. The HIM reworks their red-hot hit tying in dynamic beat and uplifting melody to the infectious vocals hooks.