Gryffin is a New York City-based producer, multi-instrumentalist and just a talented guy. His performances feature live instrumentation – guitars, keyboard, synths – but keep dance mix format. Having dropped several groovy mixes, Gryffin released his debut single Heading Home at the beginning of the year. It took No. 1 on the Spotify Global Viral charts and in the top 25 of the German Spotify Viral Charts. That is how Gryffin reached another milestone in his career.

He teamed up with Australian singer and songwriter Josef Salvat to record “Heading Home”. Salvat’s rich voice harmonizes with a soulful melody creating dreamy atmosphere. The song delivers with strong guitar riffs, soft piano cords atop the house soundscape, deep bass plucks, and energetic synths.

Nick Talos offers up a great rendition of “Heading Home”. The tune is engaging and uplifting. Let’s listen and enjoy the vibes!