Papa Ya is an up-and-coming American electronic/pop music duo made up of Nate Merchant and Alex Sacco. In 2016, the pair has released their debut single, “Fine Livin’”, that reached number 6 on the Spotify Viral Charts in the US and number 8 in the world. Their follow-up singles, “Outta Here” and “Sunny”, has each accumulated over a million plays on Soundcloud and YouTube.

Touching on Sam Martin’s amazing “Bring Me Home”, the guys completely flip the vibe of the track. The remix has more of an upbeat rhythm, much faster than the dark original tune. It has a tropical touch with cool synth and piano stabs and summery atmosphere. With a wonderful dose of energy and feel-good vibes, this one is sure to brighten up your day! Check out this danceable remix and stay tuned for more Papa Ya’s productions!