Kris Trindl, known by his stage name Rain Man, is an American EDM producer and DJ, mixing his tracks in bass house, dubstep and trap genres. He is known to be an ex-member of EDM band Krewella. With Krewella he released the album Get Wet in 2013, peaking at number one on the US Dance chart. After leaving the band in 2014 Rain Man launched a new project – the duo Hunter Square, with their hit dance pop remix of Wrongchild’s Falling in Love Will Kill You released later that year. However in 2015 he announced the start of his solo career, since then touring across the US and creating his unique original tracks.

Track Bring Back The Summer is an example of successful collaboration of Rain Man with a singer Oly, whose magnificent voice makes the single so catchy. The track’s captivating beat and lyrical melody create relaxing atmosphere of summer full of love and passion: “I never, I never want another. Come back, come back to me, my lover…”