T-Mass is an American EDM producer and DJ, a Discovery Project winner. Specializing in the trap genre, he’s scattered the dance music landscape with numerous bangers such as “Last One Standing”, “Fixion”, “Drill Time”, and “Language For Now”. In his repertoire there are lots of stunning remixes of such artists as Benny Benassi & Vassy, Galantis, Bright Lights, Calvin Harris, The Chainsmokers, and others.

Here is T-Mass’s mind-blowing drop – a remix of “Habit” by Chicago producer Rain Man. It features crystalline vocals by Krysta Youngs delivering catchy verse: “I wanna be your habit, cut me down like Xanax. Cause if you’re nervous you shouldn’t be, I’ll take away your panic.” T-Mass creates a seductive composition around her vocal hooks tying in deep bass hits and massive synth chords. With more than a million plays online and ecstatic fans, this piece is meant to be a party hit!