Antuane Walker, aka Fransis Derelle, is an American music producer who is known for his bangers like “I Want You”, “Cashmere”, “Feel”, and many others. In Fransis Derelle’s repertoire, there are collabs with Cuboid, Two Owls, Sightlow, and other artists. He’s been announced as the winner of Insomniacs Discovery Project for Countdown.

Fransis Derelle has teamed up with Hopsteady to make the dancefloor burn! Their powerful track titled “Imaginary Friends” is complete with catchy vocal hooks and energetic drops. The tune incorporates the elements from both producers’ signature styles, making it a huge hit. With powerful buildups and pounding trap drums, this one is definitely going to be a fav among those who enjoy future music. Turn up the volume and vibe to this banger now!