DJ Royale is doing what most DJs have forgotten to do: rock records that go beyond the top 40 spectrum...that keep you DANCING! Starting as a bedroom DJ at the age of 14, he played solely for the love, unaware of his future as a professional DJ. He loved the thrill of rocking the dance floors at grimy frat parties.

In college, he began to harness the power of the digital music age and acquired a deeper appreciation for all music. Upon graduation, DJ Royale had already spun overseas and played major clubs, working his way from dingy corner bars to the hottest clubs in the country. His ambition to be the best has lead him to encompass all aspects of music, from DJing to producing. Keep an eye out for this guy, he's bound to blow up.

For more on DJ Royale, follow him on twitter @DJRoyale and check out his website!