This track has been stuck in my head for the past few days, its a sensually smooth feel good song that I would seriously consider playing at my wedding one day. It also doesn't help that it's my guilty pleasure to hear Drake croon his heart out. I searched endlessly for a remix that would do justice to the original without stripping away the essential elements.

The rendition of this track by Beat Mass was the end to my long quest. They were able to give the beat a summer head bopping vibe. With a couple of subtle changes this created an entirely new mood for me. It makes me want to go for an endless drive on a hot summer day with my windows down, shades on, and Versace swag. I hope you appreciate the smooth sounds on this track and support Beat Mass.

I also put up an extended mix version of the original version for comparison purposes, and also to make it a lot easier for us DJ's to mix in our sets: thanks to DJ JayZee.