J TEMP 13 is a musician, producer and DJ coming from Cleveland, OH. Talented and ambitious, JT13 does have a flair for catchy melodies and high quality productions. In addition to output from his bands, Hot Ham & Cheese and Gwazi, as well as other various side projects, the musician has issued 11 solo releases since 2005.

JT13 has been working hard for the last couple of years to raise his profile as a DJ. In June 2018, he released two EPs: Cold-Revisited, an acoustic rock album, and #Penfield2, an electronic house/pop/rock EP that is a continuation of his 2011 release, The Penfield Experience.

Here we have JT13’s brilliant piece “Junk”, the opening track on #Penfield2. This one is a nearly eight-minute composition with a build-up that lures the audience in and delivers a great listening experience. Make sure to check it out below and keep an ear out for J TEMP 13!