Klahr, an upcoming music producer and remixer from Sweden, is churning out massive tracks and remixes which are rapidly gaining plays and love all across the world.

Inspired by glorious views of Swedish countryside, he recorded an enchanting remix of Adrian Lux’s “Torn Apart”. It’s an uplifting and melodic house track filled with happy lead synth and a calming vibe to it. With ethereal vocals and liquid tones, the tune is a pleasure to everyone’s ears.

Another feel-good remix is of Drake’s “9”. It’s a dreamy tune with a laid back chill vibe and euphoric atmosphere. Drake’s rap is accompanied by lush synths and spacious beats. Klahr’s version feels soft and serene.

We are also enthralled by Klahr’s original track “Sapphire” bursting with racy beats and throbbing bass. With colorful synth lines smacking upon each other, this one will set your pulse racing. “Sapphire” is a solid tune which pinned Klahr as an artist to keep a close eye on.