Get lost in the feel of magnetic melodies that will send you straight to cloud nine! We’ve prepared for you some gorgeous remixes from different DJs.

The first one is from Singapore-bred MYRNE. He brings a thrilling rendition of the track “Trust” by What So Not and BURNS. With exciting builds and clean sound design, the original is given new energy and upbeat vibes.

The next piece is Tofû’s rework of ARMNHMR and ASHR’s “WANT U”, featuring Lilianna Wilde. The producer utilizes his signature style that we’ve all fallen in love with. The piece is purely magnetic with its laid back chill vibe accompanied by gentle synths and spacious beats.

The third remix is from French band Slow Hours. The producers deliver an ambient version of Petit Biscuit’s “Sunset Lover”. Beautifully completed with melodic piano work, the track is permeated with strong emotions and cinematic atmosphere.

And the last candy for today is from Australian duo SLUMBERJACK. The maestros have put their own spin on What So Not and Ganz’s “Lone”, featuring Joy. The track is powered by original musical arrangement and addictive synth play that make it memorable after you heard it for the first time.

When listen to these stunning remixes, be ready to get a really wonderful dose of magic.