Wanna shake your body? Try Lee Cabrera, an American electro pop duo, with their breathtaking dance hits such as “Shake it”, “Special”, “Voodoo Love”, “G-Minor”, and “I Watch You”. Having worked with such big artists and producers as Madonna, Crystal Waters, Prince, Layo & Bushwacka, Planet Funk, The Scumfrog and Junior Jack, Lee Cabrera have made big vibrations in the EDM scene worldwide.

“Shake it” is their first original production which became #1 Record on the Planet. It was featured on more than ninety mix compilations and was titled a Record of the Year in 2003.

Today we have remixes from Johnes & Peterpan, Los Angeles-based Antonio Giacca, and Dutch DJ and house producer Joe Stone. Johnes & Peterpan freshened up the tune preserving the original rhythm, while Antonio Giacca works with horns and piano chords delivering a catchy beatdrop. Joe Stone have twisted the track into delightful tune with darker tinges.