Sex Whales is a young electronic music producer from Israel. Starting making music in 2011, he’s released a great number of remixes and original tracks. He’s collaborated with such artists as Roee Yeger, M Money, GAWTBASS, Danny David, Divinity, and many others. In Sex Whales’s repertoire, there are remixes for Arion, Omri, Spag Heddy and Anna Yvette, The Fray, and other performers.

The producer puts his own spin on Mickey Valen’s “Wildcard”, featuring Feli Ferraro. The remix brings you through a journey of exciting drops that uniquely complement Feli Ferraro’ ethereal vocals. This one injects a vibe-filled beat and lush harmonies to highlight the emotive atmosphere of the track. Grab yourself a copy of this beautiful piece and feel its vibes!