Fatum is an American dance band made up of Bill Hamel, Chad Newbold, Bruce Karlsson, and Daniel Davis. The group has collaborated with such big artists as Bruce Karlsson, JES, Boom Jinx, Kevin Wild, and Judah. Their 2014 releases “Words” and “Accelerate” were supported by top DJs and labels including Above & Beyond, Armada, Myon & Shane 54, Chicane, and others. In 2016, Fatum was nominated for Best Remixer Grammy Awards for the remix of “Hold On” by JES, Shant & Clint Maximus.

Here we have Fatum’s rework of the track “Fire & Gold” by Morgan Page and VIVID, featuring Allé and Damon Sharpe. With its impressive, powerful synths and high-quality production level, this piece is meant to turn dance floors upside down!