Parker is a promising producer from the US. Making a recognizable name on the scene with a steady line of acclaimed remixes and making a contract with Paradigm, he lays on the beat again with a new remix.

Bunny Island is a fresh and warm dance hit from Oh Boy & Donatachi released by Good Enuff and they surely do know what is good enough for you. Being a happier version of the best feel good Gorillaz tracks, this song will make any morning brighter and will give you energy for the rest of your day.

Parker’s rework adds a sprightly percussion touch and when the original is perfect for waking up in the morning, this one will surely be a good companion when you’ll go out for a jog. The remix accumulated over 75,000 streams on its debut Soundcloud release and it was met with overwhelmingly positive reception from listeners. Be sure to check it out and tune yourself to its vibes.