It’s easy to delineate most deejays into certain categories: The scratch-happy battle types, the commercially-minded radio guys, the shaman leading his flock at the club with a steady barrage of anthems. Scene is the rare person who has done all of the above, as well as produce his own music just as adeptly as spinning someone else’s. The Seattle-bred musician has spent most of his time mastering every facet of deejaying. With residencies at some of the top clubs across the nation, a podcast series that reaches 350,000+ subscribers, a weekly radio show and a string of classic mixes under his belt, Scene has become one of the most sought-after deejays in the country.

One of my favorite DJ's and biggest role models just released a new mix on the famous ClubKillers Radio Podcast. Props to them for supplying the mix. It brings the energy right out the gate with one of my favorite songs at the moment, "Watch Out For This" by Major Lazer.

I also threw in a Bootleg that combines LRAD with Pressure which is a great tool for DJ's!

As always, for more DJ Scene be sure to follow him on twitter @djscene and check out his Facebook.