Syn Cole, born Rene Pais, is an Estonian music producer of electro and progressive house, remixer and DJ. He released his first single April in 2013. Since then he continuous churning out singles and mixes and playing gigs in different countries. Talented, energetic, and charming, Pais has become an international fan favorite for a short period of time.

His latest smash The Daze, which was released on March 18th, takes us to the fairy-tale valley with “mazes and mirrors”, “magic and moonshine”. Syn Cole ties in flute sounds to the infectious vocals of Madame Buttons, Los Angeles-based songwriter and recording engineer. With breezy melody and slight tropical tinges, “The Daze” produces giddy mood and exhilarated atmosphere.
Upcoming Singaporean producer Myrne refreshed the original track with bright synths, creating a mix that will resonate well in dance floors and nightclubs.