College Music and Frat Parties

Oh college, the time in your life that you'll likely party the hardest. Unfortunately, most frats don't have the luxury of having a fraternity brother who DJs or the funds to hire a DJ for every event or party they throw.

So what do you do? DJing via your iPod or Read more...

The Latest and Greatest Pro DJ Equipment

Let’s face it — DJing has come along way since the Technics SL 1200’s. While Technics still rules the road when it comes to vinyl tables, recent technological advances in digital mixing, even including the iPad, have created an endless playground of products to spin, switch and sort through.

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The History of the DJ

Whilst everyone knows what a DJ is, few people know the rich history regarding the rise of the DJ over more traditional forms of live music and entertainment. What most readers definitely aren’t aware of is that the history of the DJ goes back to the 1800’s before radio’s Read more...

How to Promote Yourself as a DJ

Taking the step as a part-time bedroom DJ to "getting money and getting paid" can be, without doubt, a pretty daunting step. In the beginning, as any DJ will attest, making ends meet can be pretty difficult. The industry is very competitive and there is only a finite amount Read more...